Chainstore and Franchise Services

The retail environment has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Since 90% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, many retail stores have begun providing themed environments and a theatrical experience to excite customers and entice them purchase their products.

Lighting should be considered a sales tool in retail environments. It can be used to entice customers into the store, lead them through merchandise areas, call attention to specific merchandise, and draw customers through the transaction process—all the while conveying specific moods or enhancing merchandising themes. Effective use of light can dramatically enhance the performance of most retail environments.

In many cases maintenance of this designed lighting system is left to the store employees. These employees are often unaware of the subtle differences in colour, wattage or beam spread, between various lamps. After a period of time the original design is no longer maintained.

Signature Lighting Maintenance can assist you to institute a scheduled maintenance program. This program will deploy a technician to service the lighting system on a regularly scheduled basis (monthly or quarterly). All failed lamps are replaced, failed fixtures repaired and other components of the lighting system serviced. This can include interior, exterior, signs, emergency lights, etc.

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