We can handle all of your exterior lighting needs

Service can be as basic as the replacement of one lamp or as
involved as a complete exterior lighting installation. Our trucks are well stocked with the parts to repair HID lighting, wall packs and exterior fluorescent lighting.

We can:

• generate a lighting layout
• install underground wiring
• pour and set pole bases
• supply and erect poles

Damaged Poles and Bases?

We can:

• remove damaged parts
• safety the wiring
• make sure other pole lights are operating
• advise what repairs will be required
• repair/replace bases or poles

Fluorescent and Neon Sign Repair and LED Sign Retrofits

The first thing your customers see is your sign. A sign in poor condition sends the wrong message, so regular servicing and maintenance is essential to your image and to your bottom line.


Unlike most electrical contractors, Signature Lighting Maintenance is fully able to (reach and) service your sign. We specialize in fluorescent and neon sign maintenance and installation. Our service technicians are experienced and each service vehicle is fully stocked, so in most cases your sign can be installed or repaired in one trip.

Pole Erection

We offer a complete service to end users and contractors for installation and erection of poles.

If you wish to assemble poles yourself, you can rely on us to erect and level them on site; or, our professionals will be ready with the tools and experience necessary to complete the entire installation, including setting the base, turnouts, wiring, assembly and erection.

We also offer lighting layouts complete with photometrics, pole heights and fixture sizes.

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